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Unicycle Utah
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This is a new unicycling group that asked if I would post a link to their site.  I'm interested to see how this develops.  

Utah Unicycling Society

If you're interested in a muni site, check out Rolf's website:

If you are in the market for another unicycle, check out They have the largest selection that I have found, and generally the lowest prices. They also have links to any kind of unicycle interest you can think of.

Before you buy, send me an email. If we buy three or more unicycles at a time through the club, we get a 10% discount.

You can contact me by email at
or leave a message in the guestbook below.


Sally Wackowski has a unicycle club in Vernal, UT. She sells Miyata unicycles for 20% less than retail. If you are looking for a Miyata, you should contact her.

Email Sally Wackowski


Tanya and Tammy Marsh have a very good site with a lot of info on how to learn new tricks. They live in South Dakota and are the editors of "On One Wheel" magazine.

Tanya and Tammy's Uni Page

Scott Bridgman's Muniac site is an excellent site with very detailed, and technical, descriptions of how to learn new tricks and improve your technique. I've spent a lot of time reading his "Tips and Techniques" page. Scott invented the air pillow that sells on I've ridden on one, and it is well worth the cost.

The Unicycle Ring

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